June 21, 2021 03:55:26 +0000 (UTC)


Ello everyone!! :D

I was curious on your opinions on this year's sets so far now that we're almost halfway through lol

Please take a moment to fill in this form!

I'll share the results soon if I get enough responses! ^w^

June 22, 2021 01:59:18 +0000 (UTC)


lately i’ve been thinking of my own special designs for the bandori girls. keepin the original designs but adding a little more and changing some tiny details yknow? i’ll show everyone someday once i get the motivation to draw them

June 22, 2021 13:42:44 +0000 (UTC)

This is my only response to finding out that the high note in Sing Alive is in fact the infamous...

This is my only response to finding out that the high note in Sing Alive is in fact the infamous FIRE BIRD note

June 22, 2021 19:51:24 +0000 (UTC)

Hi im alive lmao
I lose my bandori party account, but I recovered it and I will continue to post...

Hi im alive lmao I lose my bandori party account, but I recovered it and I will continue to post things as before, thanks for reading this text translated with google

June 17, 2021 21:36:05 +0000 (UTC)


#2 RAISE A SUILEN Raise the Curtain Pt. 1

53007984 points

shoutout to the tiering server ERA☆ for making my first ever leaderboard title come true despite my inexperience of higher tiering

Image Image Image

June 19, 2021 01:21:30 +0000 (UTC)


I have no reason for this other than looking at the calendar and realising the year is almost half over already and suddenly really feeling like compiling this list, so:

here's my favourite 4*s of 2021 so far! no doubling up on sets though as to save on space; also no DreamFes cards cause. they're DreamFes. they're all gorgeous.

and yes I realise I could have waited just a bit longer for the new set to come out and hit the exact halfway point but I'm just hoping it's not gonna have something worthy of this post and if it does then ...... then I'm just gonna edit it hmph


THIS RAN IS SO GOOD I like the Touko a bunch too but I really really love the colours in the Ran in particular, as well as her expression. the shading is what rly gets me though I think ... the light reflections rly stand out contrasted with most of her being in the shade and I just. ugh I love it. also background gorgeous. if she wants to come home someday I will appreciate


I really wish the other cards (or at least the Ako) had gone for the dead-eyed look too because the atmosphere in this Lisa card is just stunning and I didn't know I needed zombie Roselia but I do. I also just rly love the shade of red (magenta? idk don't ask me about colour names) she's wearing it's very pleasant to look at


this was such a tough choice between Rimi and Tae cause I love them both so much but in the end Rimi won out cause her expression is so wonderful I mean look at her look how cute she is!!!! Valentine's sets are always amazing I just adore the whole aesthetic around the holiday but I think this one's my favourite ... Rimi's outfit is SO CUTE and the colours ......... the red pops so well against the rest of the palette and did I mention I love it when they're going with less saturated colours because. I love it it feels so nice and warm bless


BS3 HaroHapi has definitely been my favourite of the bunch and Kanon is my fav from the set for sure; it's a pretty simple card all things considered but I love these outfits very much and the fireworks in the background are so pretty, all the cards really sell the atmosphere of a nighttime festival ... thusly the lighting is also just really gorgeous and nice to look at ..... Kanon just happens to be my favourite art-wise this is a very pretty Kanon, her pose and her expression and how soft her hair looks ... cute ......


I've historically not been the biggest fan of the anniversary cards but this Mashiro. this Mashiro!!! I'm so sad I didn't get her she's SO CUTE her outfit is gorgeous and her hair looks so soft and LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS AAAAA,, plus the colours are again very very nice, usually I'm not the biggest fan of too much blue in cards but this shade + the use of yellow to balance it out works really well imo, besides Mashiro looks excellent in blue and this particular green she's wearing


this set this set this set this set this SET THIS SET THIS SET is possibly my favourite in the game right now. it just ticks all the boxes in what I like. the palette the lighting the LIBRARY AESTHETIC I REPEAT LIBRARY AESTHETIC MORFONICA the only thing they're missing is glasses for this to be 120% Nija Rights: The Set. I picked Rui over Tsukushi cause she's more dynamic but rly both of them are equal for me they are so GORGEOUS and none of them came home not even Mashiro sobs--


I know I just said I don't like overly blue cards very much but. just look at how cute Rokka is. surprising Kanon isn't in this set because this gives me immense jellyfish kinda squishy vibes. also her shoes are really cute. that's all I have no big reasons for loving this one so much except that I love Rokka and am suffering every day Bushi decides to not make give her an event 3*. please I just wanna have a useable Rokka I love my daughter


RAS aesthetic isn't rly my aesthetic so while I love the art in lots of their sets their overall vibe doesn't usually do it for me but .................... god this is so cool. look at her. she is so cool how can people sleep on Rei when she's this COOL. the pose & expression rly make this look how COOL she is


Misaki wearing Michelle wearing a dino costume wearing dungarees, while sitting on the back of Nessie's long lost cousin. do I have to say more? aside from that I also just rly love the artstyle used for this set, with the backgrounds primarily being in this picture book kinda style, it's super duper neat!!! I just hope poor Misaki isn't melting in there it's gotta be super hot underneath all those layers

June 21, 2021 11:22:03 +0000 (UTC)

    New HoneyWorks song!!!

 Here   www.youtube.com/watch?v=o 9B_3jZkrg  it is! It's called...

New HoneyWorks song!!!

Here it is! It's called FAKE STAR.

It was the song I was waiting for the most when it was announced several weeks ago. It's a total blast, I love it! It's great to see some more backstory as well, no matter how dark it is.

So, the visuals mainly show Dai's backstory. It's not joyful at all, his parents were human trash. The lyrics kind of depicts how society and people are fake. I can't be 100% sure about anything more precise, the song is weird to translate.

June 21, 2021 14:04:33 +0000 (UTC)

You want to look at the new bit i made for characters in my profile so badlyyy

~also crying rn...

You want to look at the new bit i made for characters in my profile so badlyyy

also crying rn 25ji event and didnt get them