March 27, 2021 02:11:43 +0000 (UTC)


Survey Results!

I managed to get 45 responses! Really sorry for the extremely long wait, school came in the way but I'm good now! ^w^


48.9% of you picked "Hello!", 13.3% of you picked "Uh hi", and the other 37.8% of you had really creative answers to this (I can't list them here rip)


Imma skip this one since it's irrelevant from the rest of this survey, but 73.33% of you filled this question, which is perfectly okay!


73.2% of you were 13-17, 22% of you were 18-29, and 4.44% of you were below 12. The other 8.88% of you left this blank, which is also okay!

Q4—Best Bandori Girl

Arisa, Moca and Sayo were tying for first with 5 votes each, and a lot of people were tying for second so I won't list them here ;w;

Q5—Favourite Image Colour

Now some people were confused by this, you go to the "Characters" section, click on a character and their image colour should be listed there lol

Anyway the most popular colour was Aya's with 6 votes, Moca/Eve/Mashiro/Rui were tying for second with 3 votes each, and a lot were last haha. Others gave me a general colour like purple or red, which doesn't give me a clear idea on which is your favourite but ah well

Q6—Favourite Overall Character

A few of you kept your fave Bandori girl as best character, but there were a whole lot of other characters mentioned soo

Q7—Favourite Food

There were a variety of foods answered, like rice, fries, chicken, sweets, ramen, etc etc lol. Not putting the rest in the comments since kinda irrelevant from the rest of the survey but you could ask for it if you wanna!

Q8—What would your own DF card look like?

There were lot of descriptions written, so I'll list my favourites out of them (don't worry, I loved all your guys' ideas and I'm hoping they could be implemented into a real card someday!):

  • Like a card of me? Well then it would be art/Japanese themed, with little kawaii foods and whatnot all around me but with a kinda scribbly look, and I would be holding out a pencil that's drawing them. I would have a kimono-inspired outfit and the whole thing would be * p a s t e l * of course >:3

  • That's hard to think about...Maybe a mix of electric/dupstep/neon aesthetic and cherry blossom aesthetics since I do like dubstep and I love cherry blossom related themes. I'm not good at describing costumes but it's all loose fitting stuff since I don't like tight stuff. Also I would have bunny ears

  • (Warning: this will be cheesy and cute) Untrained: Swinging on my grandparents swing by the beach, my hair in the wind (I change my hair color frequently, but it's usually pink, so I'll say short pink hair), grinning very wide, one earbud in my ear, just wearing some high waisted shorts and a tee-shirt, no shoes, no socks. Also I wear cool aviator glasses! I need them to see, but I thought I'd mention it Trained (it's a good thing I play bass, so I can use that!): Going with the summer motif, I wear a big flow-y, billowing blue skirt with little flowers, and one of those white ruffle shirts that don't have sleeves, they just wrap around your shoulders. I'm just holding my bass, in a breezy field of flowers. Wearing glasses here too

  • untrained would be jamming along to marina’s guitar on the keyboard, trained would make my dreams of wearing a victorian suit come true

  • the untrained version would be me drawing something on my tablet and the trained would be me wearing a pretty dress with a starry night scenery on the background.

Q9—Which card are you saving for?

The majority of people were currently saving for the 3rd Anni DF, which makes sense seeing how there are 9 featured 4*s haha. A couple seconds were the Christmas SayoHina set, the Brideselia set, and 4th Anni set which also makes sense lol

Q10—Something completely random (I'm listing all of the answers since this question is relevant)



ho-ta-te te-ta-ho


im eating chicken

My giant robot

I feel like I completely misunderstood some of the questions. Sorry in advance.


im addicted to dr pepper... =w=

My cats name is gastly and here’s rlly sweet UwU



yes, my gambling addiction is concerning. thanks for asking.

Rem... Ore wa Emilia ga suki da!

lately i'm obsessed with choosing roki while playing multilives

have you viewed the new mmj cards today

i didn't think anime could get weirder and then I saw Symphogear

Thank you :)

....RONDO 1st live was very good I love RONDO

i just ate mac n cheese and it was nice

we need event cool 3* Moca

potatoes r round¿

I like walking around the house for no reason

i wish i had something cool to put here :/


I full combo’d 100 songs on hard so far!

Bandori, pls just give me and anybody who reads this more four☆ cards, 'kay thanks.


niall james horan asdfgbhnm




Idk :'(


i want to arm wrestle aiai bc she would destroy me and i would thank her

pancakes are waffles without holes


one time i did a thing and when i did the thing it did the thing and things happened

I got all As and A+s on my report card :3

I call myself "The Grandma of BanPa" bc I'm old

I like cats

setsuna trip special sucks

Q11—Click Option 1

46.7% of you were law-abiding citizens and actually clicked Option 1, while 15.6% of you refused to. Sad ;w;

The other 37.7% of you had some creative answers to this, again I can't list them cause there's too many

Q12—Anime Reccomendation? (Listing them all here in case anyone else needs one!)

Another It's a horror anime

I don’t have any good recommendations but I’m waiting to watch Roselia’s movies and trying to find time to watch haikyuu w/my friend and ye 😫

PRINCESS JELLYFISH!!, hibike euphonium, akatsuki no yona Kekkaishi i think i need recommendations too

madoka magica

watch tpn also banzi's secret diary for tpn dont watch s2 bcs

Jujutsu Kaisen, the animations of each fight are just so smooth. (AND HAVE YOU SEEN GOJO?? gojo my beloved)

I started watching BNHA (My Hero Academia) recently and even though I don't usually watch shounen it's AMAZING. So hyped for S5 next Saturday!!!


Uhh Angel Beats! or Hibike! Euphonium

Made in abyss, monogatari, steins gate

princess tutu! oldie but goodie

yowamushi pedal is still fun :')

Wake Up, Girls!

i've only watched 2 anime in my life and its like... love live and bandori....

TBHK, Powerpuff girls z, idolmaster, higurashi no naku koro ni (only if you are fine with horror). Wonder Egg Priority, Princess Connect Re:Dive

Kekkai Sensen or Horimiya

toilet bound hanako-kun(tbhk)

I wish I had them but i don't really watch anime so... Small game raccomandation! Have you played Friday night funking yet?

Horimiya tower of god although the webtoon is n times better

toilet bound hanako kun!!!


Fullmetal Alchemist (because AAside was affiliated with that, I guess)

it's dark. but Wonder Egg Priority is really good. for something lighter, K-ON is pretty good too!

tbhk. please. or just read the manga idc


Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Ouran High School Host Club (I rec the dub), Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, I really like the classics

Houseki no Kuni, Your Lie In April, or uhh- Gakuen Babysitter

Uh I recommend Rezero and Higurashi when they cry,, iououreow sorry I have a weird taste in anime.

Houseki no Kuni

Pokémon journeys :D

I dont actually watch anime so the Idolish7 anime it's very nice

No sorry😅

i feel like everyone is watching it already but. beastars. it's so good


Revue Starlight

IDOLiSH7 join me in hell

Re: Zero, though it’s pretty gory-

Kill la Kill was a banger

Ouran Host Club (I started it a couple of days ago and it’s hilarious)

Certain Scientific Railgun

Fruits basket

Q13—Tell me a joke (AAAA finally the last question, and my favourite one!!)

what did the knock knock say to the "who's there"? chicken road

The estimated delivery time range the post office gave me today

why did michelle cross the road? .... get to the other side....

I don't have anything funny to say so....umm...If anyone tells you that you're not a cool person, that person and what they said is a joke because Banpa people are very cool!

What do you call a girl thirsty for water? An H2Hoe haha dumb joke from TikTok lmao

Uhm- google searches one Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs! :3 ...haha..

What type of candy did Hazawa Coffee just release? some TsuGUMi!

knock knock, who’s there? ... not the card you’re pulling for :’) (I’M SPEAKING IN GENERAL TERMS i very much hope you get the cards you want!!!)

the lack of glasses in trained versions of maya's cards

Mo' ca mo' problems

Q: How does Moses make tea? A: He brews. :)

French joke: Qu’est ce qui n’est pas un steak? UNE PASTÈQUE HAHAHAHA

Whiteboards are remarkable :)

What goes up but never comes down? The stress school brings me!


Writing's not that easy, but Grammarly can help. This sentence is grammatically correct, but it's wordy and hard to read

“Hi I’d like to order a bagel with cream cheese” “Sorry, we only take cash”

Oh you think you’re funny eh? Yeah you’re so funny commenting nice on a number that represents reproduction. Yeah so funny. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody came at your doorstep at 4:20 am with a bat that has 69 written on it? Yeah that will be as funny as your joke.

Michelle is just Misaki in a bear costume, greatest joke I've ever heard in my entire life!! (I really had zero ideas with this one, but be prepared for a essay about Michelle soon)

You’ve cho’d your last mama

sometimes things are born! they live, and then they stop! forever.

knock knock, whos there, mango, mango who?, man go in ur mouth ._.

My grades after I tier for the Morfonica Sakura event.

Why did the m&m go to school? Bc it wanted to be a smartie

…and that's about it! Thank you for reading this far, sorry for the long post lol ;w;

April 15, 2021 22:22:03 +0000 (UTC)


Hi, I think there is something really important to say about and to the minors here. English is not my native language and I suck at writing long things in english, so if you see any mistake, just tell me!!

And, this is going to be long and a bit heavy.

I've been seeing more and more of you, minors, exposing yourself to much on internet and for god's sake, please, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!

I think all adults here were ignoring it, like I was too because this is not of our business, this is not our responsibility, it's your parents responsibility! But only today I saw 2 posts containing personal information of players that are minors and I had to write this. Please, don't put your personal informations online, be it name, age, location, or even your traumas. I know this is a place where you feel safe and seems that there is no harm here, but you don't know it, neither do I, nor the ADM's. Yes, improper behavior/posts will exclude by the ADM's if they see it or if reported, but that does not change the fact that this is a public domain on internet and ANYONE can see what you post. So, anyone who enters the site, not necessarily a new player, will probably see those personal information you shared, and you don't know if they are good nature people.

When I say there are bad people on internet, I don't mean only pedophiles, because there are MANY other ways of harming someone, especially a child/teen. Even other minors aren't as good as you think. It's not because they have the same age as you that they cannot hurt you. Some people think it's funny to use what you hate or like to hurt you and don't really have a reason for doing it, they just want to harm you. I know that because I was a teen once and most of the psychological problems I have today are consequences of my friendship with people of the same age I had back then.

So what I'm saying is that no matter what you think you know, you actually don't know anything at all. You don't know if everyone here isn't bad, you don't know what would they do with the informations that you've shared. I shared about my mushrooms phobia a couple days ago and I know that exist a possibility of someone using this information to hurt me. But I know what I said, I know how to protect myself and how to act if this happens. You, minors, don't.

Don't act all "I'm old enough, I can take care of myself" or ignore it because you hate listening to adults advices, because when you get to 21 or older, you'll look back and think that maybe you weren't mature, old or smart enough when you thought you were.

I'm sorry for this boring lecture, but this is really important. You shouldn't share your personal information online because people can use it against you! You don't know when or how, but this might happen one day if you keep exposing yourself. Please, protect yourselves, for god's sake!!

This is just an advice and I really wish you would listen to it and protect yourself, please!!

If this posts goes against any rule, please tell me and I'll delete/change what it's needed.

April 17, 2021 01:36:03 +0000 (UTC)

it's the 17th in germany, which means it's  nija 's birthday!...

it's the 17th in germany, which means it's nija's birthday! i drew sayo and ren bc they're her faves. thanks for being one of my coolest friendos, nija! ily (sends virtual hug)

April 17, 2021 03:22:07 +0000 (UTC)

It's funny how 90% of my posts consist of aya, 

BUT LIKE i can not  she's the cutest :  and i...

It's funny how 90% of my posts consist of aya,

BUT LIKE i can not- she's the cutest :( and i love her so much jekisjwhskw

April 16, 2021 17:23:59 +0000 (UTC)

hello i bring another edit today
although this time i decided to turn rinko’s and sayo’s re:zero...

hello i bring another edit today although this time i decided to turn rinko’s and sayo’s re:zero collab cards into rem and ram

the coloring is a bit off for rem sorry i’m still learning ;;

i kinda wanna do this with all the color cards so i’ll do that later maybe?

also i’ll figure out what i wanna do for tomoe not sure what yet though but happy bday to her !!

April 16, 2021 14:19:42 +0000 (UTC)


Well...a day later but here i am, ready to hit the rails once again, we've got a very special girl to congrat so everyone, please get aboard and put yourself comfy because the Happy party train will resume it's journey once the last preparations are over. Fuel: checked, engine - checked, wagons - checked, route map - checked. All right, everything is set, let's get back to business!

Our Honoree is a lady that, as i said before, is very special to me. She was my door to and the reason for which i discover this franchise. I lost the count of the times i've told you the story but watching her untrained initial 3 stars (which to this day i'm still belive is one of the prettiest cards ever) maked me curious about the game so i decided to watch a bit of it before finally decide if i wanted to start another rythm game or not.

And so, i went through all the characters profiles and look at her Seiyuus until i reach our guest, learning that she is a drummer was the first nail in my coffin since i've got a huge soft spot for drummers, then came learning about her personality. Mature, loyal to her friends and completely caring towards them and her little sister who she feel so proud of, but at the same time a hot-bloded girl whose can easily lost her temper and it's outspoken enough to not be afraid of speak whats on her mind. I adore this archetype of characters because usually it means that they are actually quite insecure on the inside and have troubles to actually express their feelings and watch them overcome that makes me so happy, the final nail was learn about who was the chosen one to give her a voice, as one of my favorite seiyuus of all times i knew the moment i saw her name that no matter what, i would ending up falling in love with the character. The passion she puts in every character she has is always a secured that you are going to feel every emotion she wants to transmit and is going to touch you in one way or another.

The backstory of her band was the bow that finished wrapping up the package and definitely convinced me that I should know more about the franchise.

And so, here we are today, even if it's a day late. paying homage to a girl that, in this two to three years that has passed since i met her for the first time, have hooked me and push me into this amazing and lovely family that is the Bandori fandom. But without further ado, let's raise our glasses for the one and only "Ramen Broth Caring Sister", the everly loud and adorable drummer of Afterglow!

Happy birthday Tomoe!!

April 12, 2021 17:43:37 +0000 (UTC)


Rant up ahead, read if you want to

Ok so, I'm sorry for not really posting as much but I have just been so.. sad. Like, I just feel so annoyed and sad about all of the things that are happening to me. I know this is gonna be stupid, but yes it's about Bandori (nothing happened on this website by the way). So I was on Discord a week ago, usually talking to my friends and making new ones. But then I saw a person with a Yukina profile picture. I thought that they liked Bandori, so I said hi. We talked for a bit until she asked me, "Do you play the mobile game?". I said no, because I still don't play it. And then, it was like as if her personality changed in 5 seconds. She kept telling me things like "You aren't a real fan if you don't play the game. You probably don't even know any of the characters." Usually I don't get affected about this, but I have been getting clowned on because of this and I'm tired of it. There's always one person telling me I'm a fake fan of Bandori because I don't play the game. This has happened with Love Live too, and I just don't like it. I'm sorry that I bothered you guys with my rant, but I just needed to let this out. Comfort is appreciated.

April 16, 2021 15:46:59 +0000 (UTC)


    Maybe you didn't understand for who this was   hoping I'm not...


Maybe you didn't understand for who this was ( hoping I'm not feeding a troll right now ), but it was FOR YOU!! Even if you didn't share your REAL location, it's still 13 mins away, it's still super dangerous!! PLEASE DELETE THE POST! It's for your safety, this comes from someone who DID STUPID STUFF ONLINE when I was younger ( even if not similar ). Quick internet safety lessons: stuff remains online ( there are exceptions tho ), and you can regret your older decisions ( again, here's someone who does!! ), and if you know someone online, even if you know them for a long time and know each other well, don't share stuff like this???? Please take this to heart, it's for your own good...

Sorry for this post but 1. this girl doesn't know about comments?? somehow and 2. I just saw it, and i felt i needed to step in

April 15, 2021 21:08:41 +0000 (UTC)


if i cant buy the placeholder ras image shirt im naturally going to make it myself. Image Image