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June 20, 2021 19:57:54 +0000 (UTC)


I've been trying to get my first full set...


I've been trying to get my first full set for a while now, i noticed how on many sets i have 1 card missing only so i thought i could try complete them with the reruns and the first on my list was last year's bride event. I got Eve, Tsugumi, Arisa and Ran during the event period, but I was missing Kasumi, which i tried to get on the rerun two (?) days ago, but unfortunately she did not come home. BUT THEN, TODAY, WITHOUT PLANNING IT, I GOT ALL PASUPARE CARDS FROM THE ZOMBIELAND SAGA ON JPDORI!!!!! I was only scouting for Hina because tell me if she isn't the cutest with flower on her hair? HOWEVER SURPRISE SURPRISE: MY FIRST AYA 4✩ CARD AND MY FIRST FULL SET. MY FIRST FULL SET IS FROM MY FAVORITE BAND ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡.

all this happened at 3am here, i was sleepy, i had woken up only for the event, so i couldn't believe it was true until this morning

Aya is my favorite bandori girl and i've been trying to get a 4✩ of her since I downloaded this game (i literally started playing because of Aya O' Lantern), I did not expect to get this card at all, neither to get my first full set and i'm so happy!!! This month has been hard for me and my gacha luck on endori was so bad that only made my mood worse, so all of this was a great and big surprise. I'm very grateful for this even though i have only the gacha to thank for sjsbsisjd. But yeah, thank you jpdori gacha.

June 20, 2021 17:28:49 +0000 (UTC)


Bandori x Zombieland Saga is the best bandori collab (yet)

It’s not just because I’m more hyped because it’s happening now, it really is the best.

The cards

Those cards really feel special, like collab cards should be. While other collab cards have normal untrained version, this one has untrained versions that really feel like it’s linked to that specific series. The other collabs that did this were Afterglow’s and Hello Happy’s. The appearances and " vibes " of the bandori cards also matches the Zombieland characters, something that was lacking in some other collab cards.

The songs

Yes, technically, this is the collab (with the Hello Happy one) that has the lowest number of songs, but that’s only because there wasn’t any Zombieland songs prior to that. The songs are, in my opinion, the best cover songs that we had for a collab. Not only are they both total bops, but they allow every member (or several for Popipa) to sing, which is always amazing! I love that they are level 26 songs, since it’s, for most players, fun but challenging. I did full combo them, but I had a very hard time with the flicks in those songs. The beat maps are really fun to play.

The stickers

We have exclusive stickers!!! But not just any stickers: stickers that are all cute and normal but that can also become zombie ones with a BANG. I love it! It’s simple, but it’s really nice.

The series (Zombieland Saga) itself

First of all, it’s happening now. This is the best timing to make a collab since the second season is currently airing. That means everyone that knows about it is already familiar and engaged in it. It increases the hype.

Second, it’s an idol anime, which means that a lot of bandori fans are already engaged in it. Even if Re:Zero is popular, it’s possible that a lot of bandori fans didn’t like it or didn’t watch it. For Zombieland Saga, it’s different. A lot of Bandori fans are into the idol genre and Zombieland is one of the must-watch of the genre. An idol anime collabing with an idol game is a perfect match for the fanbase.

Of course, that’s still just a personal opinion. What about you? What was your favourite collab?

June 17, 2021 21:36:05 +0000 (UTC)


#2 RAISE A SUILEN Raise the Curtain Pt. 1

53007984 points

shoutout to the tiering server ERA☆ for making my first ever leaderboard title come true despite my inexperience of higher tiering

Image Image Image

June 20, 2021 13:18:18 +0000 (UTC)

Is that a male?



~this isn’t meant to be male slander i...

Is that a male?



this isn’t meant to be male slander i just found it funny considering the only other males established in the franchise are relatives of the girls

February 19, 2019 15:15:04 +0000 (UTC)

Here's a list of all the 4  on JP so far..  Mainly made this because a Twitter account that made the...

Here's a list of all the 4* on JP so far.. (Mainly made this because a Twitter account that made the compilations for these was too slow so I took the matters into my own hands.)

Other random statistics
X amount of events since last 4 star:

  • 0: Aya & Chisato
  • 1: Hagumi & Misaki
  • 2: Ran & Tomoe
  • 3: Layer & Masking
  • 4: Ako & Lock (the new protagonist...), bday girls Kanon & Saaya
  • 5: Rinko, Lisa, Kaoru & Chu2
  • 6: Rui & Tsuku
  • 7: Kasumi & Arisa
  • 8: Hina
  • 9: Maya, Sayo, Moca, Mashiro; Bday girls Rimi & Pareo
  • 10: Himari
  • 11: Eve
  • 13: Kokoro
  • 14: Tae
  • 16: Touko
  • 17: Yukina
  • 18: Tsugu
  • 22: Nanami

X amount of Limited 4 stars (including dreamfes & birthday cards)

  • 7: Ran
  • 6: Arisa, Hina, Kasumi, Kokoro
  • 5: Aya, Eve, Kanon, Lisa, Moca, Rimi, Saaya, Sayo, Tae, Tomoe, Yukina
  • 4: Chisato, Maya, Tsugu
  • 3: Ako, Hagumi, Himari, Kaoru, Misaki, Rinko
  • 1: Chu2, Lock, Mashiro, Masking, Pareo, Tsuku
June 19, 2021 03:17:41 +0000 (UTC)


jpdori is giving 2500 stars for the collaboration event tomorrow, i already love jpdori so much and they keep making me love them more and more. Are they always like this or it's just that endori is petty and awful?

June 18, 2021 05:24:06 +0000 (UTC)



have you ever seen anyone come back from the grave?? well you have now. hello banpa nation the rumored nikorinnie actually exists

EXIST. you know what doesnt exist?? the ras cards in the ras banner :D i know i wasnt prepared at all with my stars but W H Y did i get my third tae 4* - and its powerful at that so i cant use it since i have another power tae - before i got chuchu train or rock?? please help. all i wanted was rei.

yeah sorry for the inactivity i was planning to come back on my banpaversary but timed it a month too early so hey it was my bandori anniversary a while ago :D i think like 3 years stuck in this hole and counting and i couldnt be happier! jkjk lol but the run has been super duper fun and its not ending yet :) i remember my old old bandori days of being a roselia stan which is just laughable now since i like everything the opposite of roselia- harohapi & ras- but hey im not complaining, my playlists are!! sir "boppin" playlist hasnt been used in forever because ras is like my only source of music nowadays :)

happy birthday nanamese have a wonderful day!