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July 01, 2020 01:57:59 +0000 (UTC)

So in the past few days I’ve come to enjoying making some rare pair card edits! This once here is a...

So in the past few days I’ve come to enjoying making some rare pair card edits! This once here is a nice MisaMoca date card edit, for it I used Sayo’s card “With the rain” as the base, I pulled Moca’s facial features from her card “Just a little detour”, and I pulled her hair from Tsugu’s card “The beginning “

If you have any rarepair edit suggestions feel free to reply with them and I’ll see what I can do! :D

July 01, 2020 17:18:27 +0000 (UTC)


Hello I've been getting back into Bandori lately. So I want to make some more friends from Bang Dream. My best girls are Chisato, Aya, and Hina. I hope I can befriend some Bandori fans here!

July 02, 2020 00:40:14 +0000 (UTC)

    Here ya go rose hina!    

I really liked how this Misaki turned out and it’s one of my...

Here ya go rose-hina!

I really liked how this Misaki turned out and it’s one of my favorite untrained Misaki outfits! I hope you guys like it :D

I also started watching Darling in the Franxx and it’s really good! One of the reasons I started watching it was because of WAFSacks old Disqus profile pic lol
April 18, 2020 01:33:16 +0000 (UTC)

hi!! this is an older meme but i saw that  ChomamaLi  did this and i wanted to do this too!! 1 like...

hi!! this is an older meme but i saw that -ChomamaLi- did this and i wanted to do this too!! 1 like is 1 answer- every like after the first one since banpa makes you automatically like your own post lol- lets hope these arent tooooo predictable :'D

edit: oh wow not gonna lie forgot i posted this- onto answers!!

  1. favorite girl; my favorite girl has always been and likely always will be aya! i'll admit, at first i was purely drawn to the pink aesthetic, but once i learned more about her hardworking and idealistic ways, along with the fact that she's so sensitive and is such a genuinely caring person, i just liked her even more! she has my favorite design and my favorite personality/motivations/etc of any of them! if aya is at the bottom of your best girls list i dont trust you as a person <3

  2. favorite vocalist; well uhh... aya! but other than that probably.. well vocalists are, my least favorite in every other band- but probably kasumi!! she's just entertaining and adorable, and i enjoy the depth craftegg gives her so she isn't just another optimistic genki girl protag although i wish they would go more into it smh

  3. favorite bassist; conversely, i love a lot of bassists! himari, chisato, rimi, and nanami (i think..) are all some of my absolute favorites, but for my favorite...ahh i cant choose between himari and chisato! himari is wonderful, shes so sweet and unintentionally funny and such an underrated girl! she does so much for afterglow!! as for chisato, i like her more serious, almost cold at times personality, and i have loved seeing her grow and develop as a member of pastel palettes. she's very different from, well, pretty much every other girl - i think she has one of the most unique personalities in the entire cast and i love her for it!

  4. favorite guitarist; initially i didnt care much for any of them, but theyve been moving up the ranks a lot lately! namely, kaoru, tae, and sayo, although my favorite would probably have to be kaoru! no deep reasoning, i just think shes funny, caring, and has a lot of potential depth to her character and her princely persona that could be explored!

  5. favorite keyboardist; arisa!! normally i don't like tsunderes but.. arisa just worked her way very quickly towards my top girls and stayed there!! i relate to her a lot and i love seeing her learn and become more open and honest with herself, mostly in popipa's band stories but in some events too.

  6. favorite drums/dj; aghh, kanon, tomoe, and ako, but i'll say kanon! she's adorable, she's so lovably clumsy and god i relate to her poor navigational skills, and i just love her interactions with the rest of hello happy world! she works so hard!! in general she just makes me happy :)

  7. favorite popipa songs; my favorite cover would probably be glamorous sky or DAYS! no personal attachment to either song, they just sound great and compliment kasumi's voice wonderfully!! my favorite originals are what's the popipa or watashi no kokoro wa choco cornet! again they just sound great :)) honorable mentions are hello! wink! and light delight- i have a lot okay!!

  8. favorite pasupare songs; ohh goodness, my favorite covers are secret base and luka luka night fever! i liked llnf before it was covered so yay- but secret base just... makes me so sad, i really like the anime its from (anohana) and its so bittersweet and just aaaaah ;_; as for their originals, mou ichido luminous and attsu attsu tokonatsu love summer are great!! i love chisato's voice i wish it was used more often!!!!! i also really like happy synthesizer and wakuwaku meets trip, its hard to choooose :(((

  9. favorite harohapi songs; this should be easier maybe? my favorite cover is romeo or shanghai honey- i love kaoru's voice and the rap parts in shanghai honey are amazing! and their originals, wacha mocha pettan march ( looove kanons voice) or kimi ga inakucha! i like a lot of band story 2 songs lol

  10. favorite afterglow songs; i barely even need to think about this one- my favorite cover is definitely asu no yozora shoukaihan, but i also like ai no scenario a lot! both of those because well... i liked those songs way before they were ever covered by afterglow and the love carried over! and originals, i like tied to the skies and comic panic!!! ...also, jamboree!journey! and on your mark- i see a lot of people say afterglow has their least favorite originals but i enjoy their music a toooon! theyre one of my favorites! and tomoe's voice should be used more!!!

  11. favorite roselia songs; my favorite cover is charles! bad apple is good too though. yukina's voice compliments both! my favorite originals are R and fire bird, they just sound so cool?? i dont know! they get stuck in my head!

  12. least favorite songs; ahh.... my least favorite cover is dragon night, kokoro's voice was too autotuned :(( i dont really have a least favorite original- maybe louder or worldwide treasure?

  13. least favorite girl; oh gosh im scared- ahh, hina! she has been for a while now... i just kind of dont like her! nothing too deep! she's just kind of insensitive at times and it bothers me

  14. dream cover song; here we go :') okay- i reaaaalllllly want a kagepro cover! maybe pasupare cover of kisaragi attention or otsukimi recital, or afterglow cover of yuukei yesterday, or poppin party shounen brave- so manyyy!!!! moving on, i want friend shitai (gakkougurashi! OP) covered by harohapi maybe- and maybe a poppin party cover of sakura kiss (ohshc OP)! definitely wouldnt say no to a candy candy cover by pastel palettes also- i have so many i wanttt :'D my true dream cover is probably kisaragi attention by pasupare though! for a single answer, that is it!

  15. dream card; okay i have, two dream sets- a pastel palettes set with aya and chisato as 4stars, all of the cards have a flowery, summery theme- in a sunflower field at sunset, warm colors, just generally a nice, cozy feeling... and then an afterglow set with a medieval theme- tomoe as a 4star definitely, wearing something similar to a knight, and maybe himari as the other 4*? she would be wearing something more like clothing a noble would wear- set in an ancient-looking castle, with many hidden passageways and a cool, edgy aesthetic... i can picture it perfectly but descriptions are hard aghhh

  16. favorite event story; oh noooooo i never read event stories ;_; ive been meaning to but haven't got around to it yet so i've only read a select few that interested me! uhh.. my favorite is probably girls anthology!! its just a lot of fun!!!

  17. ships; ohhh gosh i love ayachisa so much :'D tomohima is also very up there!!! those are my favorites, but a few more i like include misakanon, kaokanon, yukilisa, arisaaya (VERY UNDERRATED), and taerimi!!!!

  18. favorite band; pastel palettes is my favorite in general!! although if we're talking purely music, i do love afterglow a whole bunch :)

  19. best siblings; i like the udagawa sisters the most!! theyre both very high on my favorites list and i just love their dynamic, its adorable!!!

October 06, 2019 07:35:15 +0000 (UTC)

   Notice  Very large image. Click to zoom in it for easier viewing.  

To. Bandori Party...

[Notice] Very large image. Click to zoom-in it for easier viewing.

To. Bandori Party friends

Hello again. This is AkotheRose.

Last night I recalled my friend 'nija's comment on the post of Hello, Happy World!'s actresses.

"Hello, Happy World!, or as I like to call them, The KyoAni Band" (nija)

With a heavy heart, I made this post for KyoAni and all anime fans in this community.

That brutal case remains fresh in my memory.

Though I was thoroughly absent-minded, I cried and raged day and night with all Koreans who love KyoAni's works.

I hope you read this post with deep sadness and have a moment to pray for victims.

R.I.P ★

From. AkotheRose. (South Korea)

July 01, 2020 11:53:10 +0000 (UTC)

   color=pink Hihi everyone~ /color 
    It's already a begging of  color=yellow July, /color  the...

[color=pink]Hihi everyone~[/color]

It's already a begging of [color=yellow]July,[/color] the start of summer!

Finally we can rest from school or work!! (wooho)

But in July three of Our amazing Bandori girls have their Birthday! Also there are some interesting and pretty weird holidays. Take a look at the calendar I've made for July


3rd - Ako Udagawa - drummer for Roselia !

14th - Kasumi Toyama - Guitarist/Vocalist for Popipa ☆

20th - Hagumi Kitazawa - bassist for Harohapi

[color=red]Other Holidays ![/color]

7th - National Chocolate Day 🍫

11th - Cheer Up The Lonely Day 🤗

16th - National Snake Day 🐍

29th - National Chicken Wig Day🍗

Happy July, Everyone! :) ~Abiv

(original calendar credits; pinterest)

October 10, 2018 03:26:42 +0000 (UTC)


Since the first moment I saw this card, I wished I could cosplay it <3

Hi everyone! This is my entry for Cosparty 2018, My name is Marla, but like to be called Thabasa. Maybe I’ve been waiting this for a really long time hehehe This cosplay was made by this dates but in the past year, I wore it for the first time in the anime convention TNT of November 2017 here in Mexico.

By that time the new Afterglow set came up, with the ghost-halloween theme and I really loved it so much, it captivate my eye so fast that I couldn’t help falling in love with Himari even more. Himari was my favorite character since I started playing, but with this new costume it was just time for me to go in an uncontrollable rush for making cosplay of it. By that time there weren’t cosplayers that knew Bang Dream! at all , even the game was really unknown by most of the people here.

I bought some fabric, chains and EVA foam. I made the skirt and coat piece by piece, burning every edge of it to make the torn shape of it. The top part was a little laborious but I made it! And finally the details and chains was the funniest part, painting everything and giving shape is really enjoyable for me.

This was the first time I wore this cosplay, it needed more details but I really had fun, I got the help of my boyfriend getting a bass for me, it really felt so real! <3 Even though no one knew who I was cosplaying or showed interest in it, I was living my dream of being Himari for a day. She has been always so protective, patient, childish, and many other things I can really relate to any aspect of her in life and her role in her group of friends, it was so grateful to be “part of her” for a little time.

This are some picture I get months after the convention, I added some details and stylized the wig correctly. I really put so much effort in this costume and I’m really proud of the results, because it was all of my work for making my dream come true, and it really happened to be real! <3

Thank you for reading all my process, I really appreciate it and if you would like to see my other works I have a Facebook page:

I plan to make more and more Bang Dream! Cosplay, and I hope I could find more people to make group cosplay with me! <3

PS. So sorry for my bad English 7.7

May 27, 2020 20:42:56 +0000 (UTC)

here's my scouting plan! i plan on only spending on the summer dreamfes for the aya and chisato...

here's my scouting plan! i plan on only spending on the summer dreamfes for the aya and chisato lims, and then saving for... probably the next powerful pasupare set whenever that is :')

the next gacha i save for after the summer dreamfes, i would prefer to save 75k so i can get a guaranteed card, so the halloween/christmas gachas are only a maybe... but getting stars is so hard at this point so i dont know if ill ever have the patience to save 75k...well we'll see what comes along!

June 30, 2020 17:57:56 +0000 (UTC)


could you guys stop attacking amanesu who is sixteen years old and be decent for once

July 01, 2020 02:06:53 +0000 (UTC)

Just like my last post here is another rare pair edit I made! This one is MocaHina, for it I used...

Just like my last post here is another rare pair edit I made! This one is MocaHina, for it I used Hinas’s card “The one and only me” as the base and a cropped version of Moca’s card “Voices in unison” for the photo I edited in.

Once again drop some rarepairs in the comments and I’ll see if I can make any edits for them! :D