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Just a fellow idol enjoyer! Currently suffering from massive enstars brainrot. I try to be funny, and it works occasionally. Common sense? Sorry honey, never heard of her. Sorry if my posts are difficult to read, I have -7 braincells and terrible grammar. Stream Yumemiru Boy Mamoru Tame

Best Girls: Himari | Kanon | Rinko | Hina | PAREO

Favorite Band: Poppin' Party!

Highest tier: Luminous Once More #232

Best Starlight girl: Shizuha

Best AAside boy: Tadaomi

Best Enstars boy: Ritsu

Best Hypmic boy: Gentaro

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I'm only active on enstars now lmao
  • Ensemble Stars!! Music: mbzsrby6
  • Girls Band Party EN: 1076312
  • Revue Starlight: 5942782615
  • Fire Emblem Heroes: 0543021762
  • Dragalia Lost: 92960455206
  • Arknights: amarena#4936
  • Colorful Stage (Proseka EN): 166362470556893188

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