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Name Arisa Ichigaya
市ヶ谷 有咲
Band Band Poppin'Party
School Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy
3 - A
School year Third
Color #aa66dd
CV Itou Ayasa
CV (Japanese) 伊藤 彩沙
Birthday October 27
Height 152 cm
Liked food Anmitsu, brown rice, hard-boiled eggs
Disliked food Anything with leeks
Astrological Sign Astrological Sign Scorpio
Instrument Keyboard
Hobbies Bonsai trees, browsing the internet
Her family runs a pawnshop called "Ryuuseidou". Being in indoor person, her hobbies include tending for bonsai plants and internet surfing. Even though she's basically a shut-in, she still manages to achieve excellent results in school. Because her sharp tongue, she often gets into arguments with others, especially Kasumi, but it's usually because she is unable to be honest with herself. She started learning the piano when she was young, but gave up on it halfway.
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