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Hey! I’m Luka!

Bandori(magically, coincidentally, somehow, out of the blue)appeared on my phone two years ago and Harohapi has had me captive ever since 😪😪

  • I draw a lot! I’ll occasionally post things that I draw here! (Though I’m not the most consistent when it comes to bday art 😅😅)

  • I think about a LOT of AUs. Too many, even. My brain is full of ideas constantly(somehow only for bandori)and sometimes I just feel the need to share it! If you also have any cool AUs feel free to show me! I love reading other peoples ideas :o

  • I’m a huge music nerd! Like, a HUGE music nerd. I’m always listening to music or singing or even thinking of ideas for songs I can make! I’ve been playing the flute for 2 years and currently learning the guitar! Have I ever posted anything about it? No. But I hope to! It’s a huge dream of mine to become a musician someday.

What are some things that I enjoy outside of bandori?


  • I’m a big hololive enjoyer! My oshis are: HoloEN: Calli, Ina HoloJP: Roboco, Marine HoloID: Kobo, Ollie


  • I love pokemon! So much! One of the game franchises that I can play for hours on end without getting bored. Currently playing scarvi and it’s the only thing i can think about i love the big poopoo mudfish!!!

There’s a lot more that I love, but for the sake of your time, I’ll just stop at Pokemon ;D

That’s all there is to know about the great and almighty Luka! I hope you enjoy your time on my cursed page! 😽😽

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