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Spain/13/she-her/ June 7th

I'm Noa, but call me Name Adachi, Name or Nana. (Name pronunced as Na(tsu)me)

spanish, english, catalan (and casually learning french and japanese)

living meme

--TikTok: @c0c0g0at --Twitter: suoo08821654

Hi! Feel free to ask anything! Sorry if my english is not good, but I'll work hard to understand all of you, I'll be hapy if I have more friends that like:

-Genshin Impact (now playing!!) -Bandori (of course!, main fandom??) -AAside (getting into!) -Ensemble Stars!! (Main fandom please omg jbwjjgfksejnjks main fandom<333 ) -Given -Bungou Stray Dogs (another main fandom) -Bungo to Alchemist -A3! -UtaPri -Vocaloid -Kpop/Jpop -Twisted Wonderland -Diabolik Lovers -Servamp -Hypnosis Mic (main!!) -Actors Songs Connection -Arcana Famiglia -Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai -Tejina Senpai -Dance with devils -GAKUEN HANDSOME -Persona 3/4/5

and more!!

DM/Private message me if you want to, I'll try to reply as soon as I can

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