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Just a girl that is also a compulsive gacha spinner...

Still no more 4 star in sight T_T

Keeping these 27 500 stars for the next Tae 4 star is killing me

I guess I lost... I now have 0 stars

Tae is best girl! ...But all the girls are amazing!

Best girls of each band;

Popipa: Kasumi ~ Tae ~ Rimi ~ Sāya ~ Arisa

Afterglow: Ran ~ Moca ~ Himari ~ Tomoe ~ Tsugumi

Pasupare: Aya ~ Hina ~ Chisato ~ Maya ~ Eve

Roselia: Yukina ~ Sayo ~ Lisa ~ Ako ~ Rinko

Hello Happy World!: Kokoro ~ Kaoru ~ Hagumi ~ Kanon ~ Misaki

Still waiting for the sanbaka to understand that Michelle is Misaki...

I still have some hope

Always open to talk about anime or basically everything^ω^

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