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June 16, 2021 02:09:23 +0000 (UTC)

    After 3,000 long years, RAISE A SUILEN has finally been added into Bandori EN!

Thats freakin...

After 3,000 long years, RAISE A SUILEN has finally been added into Bandori EN!

Thats freakin Bandori right there. None of that Minato Yukina play the meta nonsense. girls bop, girls dc into the menu, girls deliver their new beef jerkies to Chu2-sama. HELL OR HELL?! dive in the PareChu chuck it multilive game room. Takin My Heart on Expert Difficulty. Chu2 sama gets raps in places you don’t even remember. We win together, we celebrate together. Bandori is back baby.

As appreciation, or should we say, "RASpreciation", we have thrown together a SWEET celebration event with some EXCELLENT prizes.

Let’s be UNSTOPPABLE together!

Event Details

Show your appreciation for RAISE A SUILEN by doing one of three following things:

  • Talk about your favorite RAS character or seiyuu.
  • Do a 10 scout in the RAS banner and share it!
  • Take a screenshot of your favorite conversation from the event, or areas.
  • And don’t forget to use the hashtag #RASpreciaton!

Event Prizes - Physical Merchandise

  • 15 entries= 2 prizes
  • 25 entries= 3 prizes


If y’all can really DRIVE US CRAZY, then at 40 entries, we will give away FIVE prizes.

As an additional thank you, every participant will receive an exclusive badge.


  • Please use the event tag #RASpreciation on your posts
  • General guidelines towards activities apply- do not put anything inappropriate in your entry
  • Do NOT spend on the gacha if you don’t have enough stones or have been saving for something else
  • Simple is best- you can submit any of the three options, but additional entries will NOT result in additional entries in the prize giveaway.

Keep submissions within the deadline of 6/30/2021

#Thank you for participating! The event is now over!


We know that a lot of people want events with either physical or digital prizes, but those are difficult to handle due to either being too costly or time consuming. We are nonprofit, and right now, donations are being used to keep the server alive.

And for digital, finding an artist who volunteers their hands is a time consuming process. For example, it took almost two months to find someone that would do a Sayo x Rinko piece for an event winner.

We are always looking for new patreon donations and new artists. And also join the discord as well!

Remember- We win together, we celebrate together ❤️