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September 15, 2020 22:42:30 +0000 (UTC)



Forgot earlier ^^;

Day 2 - Least Favorite Character(s)!

I actually dislike Aya more than Hina at this point, so Hina is 34th place now. But anyway . . . I've been wanting to like these two more since they're basically the only characters I don't like (because everyone else is wonderful and I want to believe that Aya and Hina are wonderful too . . .) Anyway, could you Aya/Hina fans write in the comments why you like them? It would be really helpful for me to see the good things about them :)

Anyways, since this is 'least favorite character(s)', I'm going to explain why I don't like them, but the kind filtered version XD:

For Hina, I just feel like she's . . . I don't know, not very in-depth. She's genius at everything without even trying, and she's just all bouncy and 'run-run'-y and friendly yet kinda mean to Aya and Maya specifically? Like, not like I like Aya (gosh all of the 'likes') but whenever she makes a blunder Hina's like 'haha you messed up ahahahahahahah' and I'm like . . . >:0 (I haven't read all of PasuPare's band story and I've read exactly 0 chapters of the second one so I probably should to like Aya and Hina more . . .)

And then there's Aya. Her voice is really annoying to me, and the fact that she's always crying kinda gets on my nerves. When Himari cries, it's cute and I love her as a character, but for some reason it's just . . . . ugh with Aya, you know? And also I'm not really a fan of idol-y characters, and how she's always trying to be a sparkly pretty pink idol girl who everybody looks up to . . . This is kinda sounding like WAFSack's day 2 post, but whatever, we share the same opinions lol

Okay! Anyway! There's probably a lot more I could say about those two but it already kinda sounded unfiltered . . . ahah . . . Yep I'm going now okay bye