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June 10, 2021 18:18:13 +0000 (UTC)

   Bandori.Party will be at IdolCon!

This year, our own SBPhiloz will be hosting a panel at the...

Bandori.Party will be at IdolCon!

This year, our own SBPhiloz will be hosting a panel at the premiere online Idol-focused convention! Be sure to join IdolCon's discord and get FREE access to events, panels, and MORE! The event is happening from 10 June - 13 June! You still have time to check it out!

Talents like RAISE A SUILEN's Tsumugi Risa (DJ CHU2) will be answering fan's questions!

Full Details on IdolCon's Site

SBPhiloz is one of our newest additions to the team, however he has taken it upon himself to represent us at IdolCon with a Guess that song! Bandori Edition event at the convention. Its currently scheduled for Saturday, June 12th at 3 PM PDT.

Hope to see you there!

June 16, 2021 02:09:23 +0000 (UTC)

    After 3,000 long years, RAISE A SUILEN has finally been added into Bandori EN!

Thats freakin...

After 3,000 long years, RAISE A SUILEN has finally been added into Bandori EN!

Thats freakin Bandori right there. None of that Minato Yukina play the meta nonsense. girls bop, girls dc into the menu, girls deliver their new beef jerkies to Chu2-sama. HELL OR HELL?! dive in the PareChu chuck it multilive game room. Takin My Heart on Expert Difficulty. Chu2 sama gets raps in places you don’t even remember. We win together, we celebrate together. Bandori is back baby.

As appreciation, or should we say, "RASpreciation", we have thrown together a SWEET celebration event with some EXCELLENT prizes.

Let’s be UNSTOPPABLE together!

Event Details

Show your appreciation for RAISE A SUILEN by doing one of three following things:

  • Talk about your favorite RAS character or seiyuu.
  • Do a 10 scout in the RAS banner and share it!
  • Take a screenshot of your favorite conversation from the event, or areas.
  • And don’t forget to use the hashtag #RASpreciaton!

Event Prizes - Physical Merchandise

  • 15 entries= 2 prizes
  • 25 entries= 3 prizes


If y’all can really DRIVE US CRAZY, then at 40 entries, we will give away FIVE prizes.

As an additional thank you, every participant will receive an exclusive badge.


  • Please use the event tag #RASpreciation on your posts
  • General guidelines towards activities apply- do not put anything inappropriate in your entry
  • Do NOT spend on the gacha if you don’t have enough stones or have been saving for something else
  • Simple is best- you can submit any of the three options, but additional entries will NOT result in additional entries in the prize giveaway.

Keep submissions within the deadline of 6/30/2021

#Thank you for participating! The event is now over!


We know that a lot of people want events with either physical or digital prizes, but those are difficult to handle due to either being too costly or time consuming. We are nonprofit, and right now, donations are being used to keep the server alive.

And for digital, finding an artist who volunteers their hands is a time consuming process. For example, it took almost two months to find someone that would do a Sayo x Rinko piece for an event winner.

We are always looking for new patreon donations and new artists. And also join the discord as well!

Remember- We win together, we celebrate together ❤️

January 09, 2021 00:01:11 +0000 (UTC)

  Introducing the Winners of Bandori Stocking Stuffing Party!

Congratulations to...

Introducing the Winners of Bandori Stocking Stuffing Party!

Congratulations to participants




for winning the raffle.

All entries can be found here

and here

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in this event. We loved every submission! Thank you all for making BanPa such a great site to visit and work on!

June 08, 2019 10:13:04 +0000 (UTC)

Bandori Party is proud to join the LGBTQ  celebrations for Pride Month. A month of happiness, and...

Bandori Party is proud to join the LGBTQ+ celebrations for Pride Month. A month of happiness, and recognition of diversity and acceptance for everyone.

Until the end of June, use the hashtag #PrideMonth🏳️‍🌈 to share your stories with us!

April 26, 2021 23:01:27 +0000 (UTC)


Days of BanG Dream!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this event a success! We loved your entries!

All participants

As promised, you all received a badge on your profile, as a thank you for participating.


Support our giveaways!

Support us on Patreon

These special events are made possible thanks to the support of our warm-hearted donators. If you wish to support Bandori Party for both our future special events and to cover the cost of our expensive servers in which our site run, please consider donating on Patreon.

All participants

Can_I_join_Hello_Happy_World, Chutaku, Harmony_, MetallicaFangirl1004, [email protected]+, Harmony_, Harmony_, Harmony_, ClaireVoyanceEX, Momoyukiis, Lisaimaiscookies, Indiana., Harmony_, oreopan, shuwacidol, Hirondelle, eriblackheart, s4yomitake, A.N1502, ganba_roselia, SomeRandomGhost, Jessica307Love, noraragi, kimudesu, NeoVeemo, Vocaloid_The_Translator, not_gladiandlil, Kasumibestgirl

March 26, 2021 01:32:46 +0000 (UTC)

  Community Event Announcement: DaysofBanGDream!

Hello, hello! It’s me, the staff member with the...

Community Event Announcement: DaysofBanGDream!

Hello, hello! It’s me, the staff member with the scuffed profile picture!

It's been a while since the last event, hasn’t it. All of the Christmas stockings looked amazing. It has been three months, maybe longer?

Oh, that means it’s almost time for Bandori EN’s third anniversary.

And that means Morfonica is making their way to Bandori EN. The band is symbolized by a butterfly, an icon of change.

So, we would like to know how Bandori changed your life. Maybe you were inspired by a character? Maybe a live event caused you to pick up an instrument? What if you met a good group of friends through Bang Dream? Or maybe you started raising rabbits because of OTae?

We don’t know, so that’s why we want to know your story~

[color=red] Submissions are due by [utcdate=2021-04-16T00:00:00][/utcdate], which is in [countdown=2021-04-16T00:00:00][/countdown] [/color]

How Do I Participate?

To enter, you must make a new activity with the hashtag, #DaysofBanGDream on this website expressing how Bang Dream has influenced your life in a positive way. Do anything you want. Write something, draw something, express it through poetry, maybe write some song lyrics or parody an existing song, drop a music cover, do anything you can think of! You can also use the same hashtag on Instagram or Twitter!


Do not be inappropriate No low effort posts/memes (Low effort- one liners, or something short) Post during the event period


Community members who participate (on the site) will receive an EXCLUSIVE, MEGA AWESOME participation badge after the event ends! (Artwork in progress, but trust me lads, it will be rad)

Guideline for Good vs Bad Examples

Good examples

  • Hi, I’m AyaHina24, and my whole life, I’ve been afraid of public speaking because I’d always make mistakes. I started Bandori, and found myself drawn to Aya. Despite being a total klutz, she continues moving forward and inspiring others. Through Aya, I learned that it's okay to make mistakes, and that helped with my confidence.

  • Hi, I’m 420MocaLisa, and I saw Saechi just destroy her guitar in front of a live audience. She looked so cool, and it made me also want to buy a guitar. I’m still not as cool as her, but I can play a few chords.

Bad examples

  • I saw Ran skip class and go to the rooftop. Now, I just skip class and don’t care. (Don’t skip class, y’all)

  • I saw Kaoru and now I’m gay. (While Kaoru is gay, the person in this example does not really go into detail on how Kaoru helped discover their sexuality.)

Closing Thoughts

Now that you all know the rules, and what to do, go make some noise. We are looking forward to it :)!

January 09, 2021 22:54:12 +0000 (UTC)

   Bandori.Party's Best Girl Poll 2021 

It has been a while...

Bandori.Party's Best Girl Poll 2021

It has been a while since we've last held a poll about our users' best girls (December 2018!! 😮) and a lot has changed. New bands, fresh story content, and a bunch of bops have hit the BanG Dream! scene since a couple years ago. With Morfonica and RAISE A SUILEN coming to the English server soon, we thought now would be a great time to ask you all once again, "Who is best girl?" 🥇.

The poll will include more than just this quintessential question though! Bands, instruments, songs, Marina, and more will be asked about.

We plan on hosting another best girl poll next year too, that way we can see how the inclusion of the new bands in the English server shakes things up. So share this poll with other fans of BanG Dream!, and help us analyze how the community's opinions shift over a year!

We'll be accepting submissions up until [utcdate=2021-01-26T00:00:00][/utcdate], which is in [countdown=2021-01-26T00:00:00][/countdown].

Results will be posted in a future activity from [utcdate=2021-01-30T00:00:00][/utcdate] on, but our social media accounts will also have daily coverage of the main stats!

We hope you'll join us in discovering the BanG Dream! community's best girl!

March 26, 2020 02:34:34 +0000 (UTC)

  Bandori.Party Announces... A Campaign for WW's collaboration with Baby Shark!

Hi all, I know all...

Bandori.Party Announces... A Campaign for WW's collaboration with Baby Shark!

Hi all, I know all of our socks were rocked plum off when GBP WW announced Baby Shark was really coming this month (we reported it first)... We've seen a lot of positive feedback regarding the decision to have this collaboration on the Worldwide server, and plenty of negative as well. However, at Bandori.Party we try to see the best of things and have decided to hold...


What is that, you ask? Well, it's a cute idea where BanG Dream! Cosplayers can dress up as their favorite characters, and do the "Baby Shark" dance! Having fun and dancing to this infectious meme-song can actually leave you in a good mood sometimes, and seeing your favorite characters do the dance can only enhance the experience, right? However, we also are looking forward to even seeing NON-COSPLAY entries from our community members as well!

Make sure your submit your entry before [utcdate=2020-04-19T10:00:00][/utcdate].

Submissions close in [countdown=2020-04-19T10:00:00][/countdown]

What is the Baby Shark Dance?

We teamed up with community members and cosplayers to show you how it's done! Check the videos below to see their amazing examples!

How to do the Baby Shark Dance - by

You can follow himboluvr on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

How to do the Baby Shark Dance - by auracosplay

You can follow auracosplay on Instagram.

How to do the Baby Shark Dance - by shujineko

You can follow shujineko on TikTok and Instagram.

You can also check the official dance video.

How Do I Participate?

  1. Dress up as your favorite girl, or otherwise, from BanG Dream!
  2. Record yourself doing the "Baby Shark" Dance!
  3. Post it to either:


  1. Negativity toward the cosplayers having fun is a huge no-no, please support their hard work! Even if you don't like the song, there is no need to be nasty to someone trying to have a good time.
  2. Likewise, any negativity-filled submissions to the community event are highly disapproved.
  3. No need for a high-quality cosplay! In fact, closet cosplay would be amazing to see from our community members, or you can just be yourself!
  4. Have fun <3 First and foremost, this isn't a contest. It's a community event!

Prize? Prize? Priiize?!

A lucky, randomly drawn, participant will be eligible for a digital prize. We may scale up the prizes for more entries, so stay tuned to this post to see any progress!

Submissions Begin... NOW!

We will formally announce our community event on twitter, tomorrow to coincide with the release of Baby Shark, however our community members will see it first and be the first to know :D

October 11, 2018 03:06:05 +0000 (UTC)


Banner for the 4th Battle of the Bands, by violetR

Battle of the Bands v4 (Results Are Out!)

Groupie Registration | Discord Server | Staff Application

Dates: October 27th-28th & November 3rd-4th

The staff of Bandori.Party are proud to announce the 4th Battle of the Bands! Featuring a shifted focus onto Missions & a revised Scoring System for Battles, both veteran and new groupies will want to read up on what's coming this time around.

General Outline

The Battle of the Bands is a special event hosted by the staff of Bandori.Party and other community members! Through Battles and Missions, you’ll earn points for a band we assign you to represent! Once everything is over, the final results will be calculated, rewards will be handed out, and that’s that! Sounds simple, right?

How does it work?

BoBv4 will feature 2 different methods of contributing points: Missions & Battles! Groupies are only required to participate in one of these, however you're allowed to participate in both. Based off the points gained from these two aspects of the BoB we'll tally up each band's total points, and the band with the most will be the winner of BoBv4!


Introduced in BoBv2, Missions are one way to gain points for your band! The IE team (the staff in charge of missions) assigns groupies Individual, Group, & Non-Bandori challenges each day in #missions_info, and points are distributed to the groupies' bands upon completion!

With flexible time limits & missions catered to all the different skill types, you can feel confident in your ability to contribute to your team with Missions!


A staple ever since the start of the BoB, Battles allow groupies to duke it out against other bands in multilives! During a Battle Captain's block, sign up to represent your band, and perform during the live to the best of your abilities!

With only a handful of 30-minute blocks & points scaling based off of performance, these are for skilled individuals whose hearts yearn for competition!


If you are interested in participating, then read up more on Missions or Battles, & then use the registration forms linked up above to sign up!

Wanna Know More?

To check out our FAQ, go to our BanPa BoB Playguide and scroll to the bottom! If that doesn’t answer all of your questions, then feel free to leave a comment down below, message us on our Twitter, or ask us in our discord server!

October 05, 2018 05:04:55 +0000 (UTC)

  Girl's Band CosParty
a contest presented with suzusparkle
Do you love to take...

Girl's Band CosParty

a contest presented with suzusparkle

Do you love to take on a persona, dressing up as someone you are not? Or do you get a thrill out of snapping beautiful photos of cosplayers? If so, this contest is perfect for you!

Use your abilities to coordinate a wonderful BanG Dream! cosplay, and then get a beautiful shot of it for everyone else to see!

Share your BanG Dream! cosplay photos with the rest of the community, and help hype everyone up for the costume-tastic times ahead!


October 10th - November 15th UTC


There will be 4 winners overall!

🏆 Most popular: Throughout the event, the community will be able to give likes to posts, and the two with the most at the end will be the most popular!

♥️ Suzu's choice: Our guest judge will use her extensive experience and knowledge in cosplay to judge all the entries and pick the top two!

Winners Announced HERE


Your choice from our Physical Prize Pool Prizes


Custom Digital Artwork by a Circles Designer Examples of illustrations by our artists

How To Enter

To enter the contest, you must make a new activity on this website with at least 1 of your BanG! Dream themed cosplay photos that has the #CosParty 2018 tag!

If you don’t know how to make an activity like this, please check out this section from our help page for guidance!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is allowed to enter?

Anyone with a Bandori.Party account! We believe that cosplay is for everyone, so we’re putting no restrictions on entrants.

Q. Can I submit a photo of someone else wearing a cosplay?

If you took the photo and have the permission, then yes! We understand that some people are better with lenses, and other wigs. If you were involved with the shooting of the cosplay and have permission (either wearing or photographing), we’ll gladly accept it.

Note: If there are any other people clearly visible in the photo, they must give their consent too, or else be blurred out

Q. What characters can I cosplay?

Any form of a character from the entire BanG Dream! franchise. While the 25 main girls in GBP are the standard example, you could also try for Raychell, Debeko, the Suits, etc. We allow gender-bending and other creative takes on the characters too, so feel free to let your creativity soar!

(Also if anyone wants to cosplay our mascot Kanae, we’ll accept those entries too)

Q. Is there a theme?

Nope! This contest is being held for Halloween, but we don’t require the cosplay to fit the season. Make your cosplay theme whatever you think would be the most fun!

Q. What do you count as a “cosplay”?

Anything that you believe captures the essence of a certain character and is worn by someone (or similar, like a mannequin) in a photo counts! If you’re short on cash or not confident in your abilities to sew outfits, feel free to get creative! The cosplay doesn’t have to be a complete outfit either, so feel free to focus on just a dress, or making your face just as Bushido as Eve!

Q. What if my cosplay isn’t done before the deadline?

If you believe that what you currently have still follows our definition of a cosplay, then you’re free to submit it! You’re allowed to edit your activity mid-contest too, so you can share your whole cosplay journey with us if you want. We and the rest of the community would love to see all that you’ve done, so feel free to post your WIPs too.

Q. What type of photo is needed of the cosplay?

Any appropriate photo of the cosplay being worn that wasn’t already used on a Circles website or contest is acceptable! You can shoot it with a macro, a long-focus lens, your phone, your tablet, kindle, etc. Any location will work for the photo, and we’ll allow you to moderate post-processing to your photo too! We want the integrity of the original photo to be intact, but feel free to add that extra little flair to make your photo truly shine.

Q. Am I allowed to showcase multiple cosplays?

Of course! We suggest posting them in the same activity, but you’re free to make multiple entries as long as each features a separate cosplay.

Q. Are we allowed to promote entries on other social media?

We encourage this! More promotion equals more people discovering beautiful cosplays made by this wonderful community, so we are totally cool with you promoting entries! As long as you don’t try to unfaithfully manipulate entries (ex. “I’ll give you a dollar for a like”), we’ll be all for it.

Q. Do I need to give my physical address to receive a prize?

We only need your physical address for physical prizes. We have digital prizes available for those who would prefer not to give out this info.

Q. How many prizes can I win overall?

You can only win 1 prize overall, even if you make multiple entries or succeed in multiple categories. These contests are about connecting and having fun with the community (instead of having your "eye on the prize") so we limit this.

Q. Who is suzusparkle?

suzusparkle is a talented BanG Dream! cosplayer who has been invited to be our guest judge for this contest! Using her experience in the world of cosplay, she’ll give the entries a special perspective, and will assist us in deciding a winner.

To learn more about her, check out her Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook Page

Any More Questions?

If you have any other inquiries, feel free to reply in the comments or contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Have a happy Cosparty everyone!

October 02, 2019 13:03:27 +0000 (UTC)

  SnaP! Girls Photo Party
a special contest 
Do you enjoy the art of...

SnaP! Girls Photo Party

a special contest

Do you enjoy the art of photography? Or do you just adore pics of cute merch? If so, this contest is for you!

Line up your shot, and capture a beautiful themed photo with some BanG Dream! merch in the frame. Upload it to our site, and let the rest of the community enjoy your art too!


October 2 ~ November 10 UTC

How to Enter

To enter the contest, you must make a new activity on this website with at least 1 themed photo containing BanG! Dream merch and tag it #Bandori SnaP!

If you don’t know how to make an activity like this, please check out our help page for guidance!


  • 🍂 Autumn Aesthetics
  • 👻 Spooky Snapshot
  • 💞 Most Dedicated
  • 🎨 Most Unique Display
  • 🤣 Memes


  • You can only enter original photos that are no more than 3 months old
  • The photos must be centered around one of the themes listed above
  • The photos may be edited as long as you do it yourself
  • Multiple entries are OK
  • If you don't have merch, you can use homemade merch too! (Paper dolls, plushies, etc.)


The winner for each theme will be eligible for a prize!

While the "Memes" theme winner can only receive a custom digital artwork by a Circles designer, the rest of the winners will be allowed to choose between artwork or one of our physical prizes! Preview of phyiscal prizes

Any Questions?

If you have any inquiries, feel free to reply in the comments or contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer them!